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Features Of Making Arrangements For Warehouse Racks
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The widespread use of warehouse shelves that  promotes directly user's desire to replace or buy warehouse shelves. Many enterprises struggled in planning their own warehouse on the question of how to put the warehouse shelves, do not know how to use their warehouse space reasonable, actually it is easy to get an answer according to the following points to arrange warehouse shelves.

1.The structure of warehouse, which determines the differences of the specifications of the warehouse shelves and individual special planning, especially the height of the warehouse, directly affects the height of the warehouse shelves, the position of beams will affect the position of shelves. The intensity and evenness of the floor also associated with the design and installation of shelves. We also have to consider the installation position of fire prevention facilities and lighting facilities, because we need to set aside this channel in the warehouse shelf arrangement.

2. Characteristics of the storage of goods, that contains shape and size of article. It is directly related to the selection of racks, the weight of goods directly affects intensity of racks which we choose. And storage unit, stored on what basis, tray or storage cage have different warehouse shelves selection types. These are the reference data for selecting warehouse shelves.

3. Accessibility of stored goods is also important, usually accessibility and storage density are relative,in order to get high storage density, accessibility must be decreased. Although some type of warehouse shelves can get better storage density, but reservoir management is more complex, often can't do first in first out (FIFO) of control. The best way is using Automatic Storage & Retrieval System, it has best accessibility and storage density, but the cost of investment is more a little bit expensive. So choose what type of warehouse shelves is the compromise in the various factors or also a kind of strategy application. If large numbers of stored goods, high-rise warehouse shelves is recommended, it can increase storage space effiently.

4. We choose different warehouse racks need to also consider handling equipment, the accessing job is completed by handling equipement or manual work.  Stacking machine is a generic handling equipment, the  warehouse shelves channel width will directly affect the selection of stacking machine type - balancing or narrow. This is to consider how to reserve a channel, in addition to the channel is the need to arrange the location of the warehouse shelves.

5. Although some type of warehouse shelves has good storage density, but instock and outstock quantity are not high, it is suitable for low frequency operation. The data of quantity of instock and outstock are very important to consider which type of racks will be selected.

When warehouse shelves of choose and buy, please ensure to know the characteristics of goods you stored, which type of racks will suitable to the structure of your warehouse.