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Back To Back Racks In The Warehouse Storage
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Long span shelving, heavy duty racks, gravity rack are generally used in large and medium sized warehouse. In the warehouse storage between the racks, designer will leave 80cm to 200cm distance. In some cases, that is will be the greater distance. The purpose is to facilitate manual or forklift to sort.

It will be considered before warehouse has been built of large storage, so the distance between racks is still quite reasonable. In some small warehouse, due to the limited space, designer will reserve the narrow space in the middle to arrange racks. Sometimes it is just enough for two people to walk side by side. Because many minor enterprises, warehousing is only just beginning.

In the above case, limited storage space, racks arrangement need to be carefully calculated. Among them, long span shelving, heavy duty racks and gravity rack will be designed back to back by the racking design company.

Back to back racks can save a lot of warehouse space and both side channels of the racks can be sorted freely, do not affect the normal storing and handling work. Back to back racks was popular in the early days, and now a lot of racking design companies will be relied on the storage area to calculated the internal factors.

Back to back racks are not just used in small warehouse. Many systematic storage bases will use this way to save space in the placement.