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"To provide the satisfied product and service for customer" is the business purpose of our company. While ensuring the advancement, reliability and stability of equipment, our company continuously improves service quality, such as after-sales delivery, commissioning, equipment maintenance, technical service and customer training etc., to satisfy customer through the best service.

① Equipment package shall meet the requirement of moisture-proof, rain-proof, rust-proof, corrosion-proof and shock-proof, and identification be clear and correct so that cargo can be delivered to site safely and timely.

② Engineering is in charge of the installing, commissioning, running and testing of equipment on site. After equipment is successfully debugged, supplier shall submit customer with testing results in written, and technicians of supplier can evacuate site at the consent of customer.

③ Our company takes in-process inspection system as one of the routine maintenance work, i.e. all running equipments are in-process inspected every half year. In-process inspection personnel consist of engineering technicians as well as designers. Problems and suggestions reflected by customer and maintenance men are considered to continuously improve the function and quality of software and hardware of product.

④ Warranty: The warranty of equipment under contract is 12 months after successful installation and commissioning. Expenses of part, component and traveling shall be borne by supplier within warranty (excluding natural disaster and man-made damage).

⑤ After received a fault telephone by customer, our technician can arrive at site for districts within Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai or Anhui provinces within 24 hours and at site for other districts within 48 hours to ensure that problems are solved within 24 hours. Professional engineer accepts telephone from customer at maintenance center of company for 24 hours to ensure that customer can timely get technical support during application of equipment.

⑥ Lifelong maintenance is provided for guaranteeing customer interests. After acceptance of equipment, integral part has one year warranty on the normal condition (excluding natural disaster and man-made damage). Beyond warranty, our company provides lifelong paid service.

⑦ Customer archives are established to improve product quality. Besides providing technical consulting service for customer, maintenance center of company also accepts and collects complaint and consultation information from customer to ensure that problems and requirements of customer can be timely solved and that solutions can be tracked and verified.

⑧ Spare part warehouse of company can swiftly provide spare parts for customer at the most favorable price.

⑨ We really appreciate your trust. Please keep us informed if you have any suggestion or requirement for our products. Regular maintenance shall be made in accordance with application manual and maintenance manual of various products of our company. Please keep our maintenance men informed in case of equipment fault to make swift troubleshooting, and daily records of equipment running shall be make well.