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Application & Basic principle
1) This standard applies to pallet shuttle cart system that designed and installed by Jracking.
2) Standard of installation accuracy is the requirement for installation team.
3) Practical installation should comply with special requirement of project if any.

Standard of installation accuracy
1. Make ink lines


1.1 Clear the site and make ink lines at one time according to Pythagorean proposition.
1.2 Full length L≤50m allows deviation of 0~-2mm; full length L>50m allows deviation of 0~-3mm.
1.3 Full width W≤50m allows deviation of ±2mm; full width W>50m allows deviation of ±3mm.
1.4 On the premise of L and W make right angle of 90°, diagonal≤50m allows deviation of ±2mm. When deviation happens, first check whether site ground is complete, then decide if ink lines need to be adjusted.
1.5 Deviation of any two adjacent hole position line: ±1mm.

2. Level the ground
2.1 Decide a 0 point as elevation, upon the installation drawing and suggestion of owner or integrator.
2.2 Find 4 reference points at the center of 4 sides of every area. Make persistent sign and real data record of ground settlement.
2.3 The project related personnel needs to measure and record the ground level data table corresponding to each upright footplate.

3. Install frame
3.1 Max deviation of full frame height: ±2mm.
3.2 Max deviation of full frame depth: ±2mm.
3.3 Max deviation of baseplate height(a): ±0.5mm.


4. Install arm, front/back stopper
4.1 Install according to drawing.
4.2 Max deviation of height of every arm (L1n, L2n;L1n', L2n', ) : ±2mm (See Appendix A).

5. Install row spacer
5.1 Install according to drawing.


6. Install guide rail
To ensure racking system and pallet rail are accurately installed, and to ensure a smooth operation of pallet shuttle cart, pallet rail installation should meet following standards:
6.1 Before install pallet rail, the upright post must meet: Vertical deviation of post (Cx1、Cx2、Cy): ≤H/1000; Max deviation of full height: 6mm.(See Appendix B).
6.2 Check all connecting point of pallet rail to ensure deviation≤1mm.
6.3 The height and interval of pallet rail must meet requirements of drawing.
6.4 Ensure the deviation of guide rail's clear width is among 0~+3mm on both sides. Check guide rail's working surface that contacts with shuttle cart's wheel.
6.5 Vertical limit deviation of pallet rail:±3mm. Horizontal limit deviation of pallet rail:±2mm.



7. Install pallet guider
7.1 Install according to drawing.


8. Bore holes, screw anchor
8.1 As for the rack with adjusting baseplate, check all baseplates and make sure they are on the same level.
8.2 Bore-hole position must be accordance with the hole site of baseplate.
8.3 Full inspect every part and record in Rack Level Data.


9. Install forklift stopper
9.1 Deviation of straightness accuracy of stoppers: ≤1mm.
9.2 Decide the installation position according to forklift model and client's actual needs.

Appendix A


Appendix B