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What are the ways to handle the loading and unloading of shuttle truck racks in logistics transportation?
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1. The method of the front and back juxtaposition This method is to take the two shuttle truck shelves, with forklift fork, often used for large forklift fork to take small plastic shuttle truck rack occasions.
The disadvantage is that the load center of the forklift truck is too front, so that the load capacity of the forklift can be reduced a lot, and the channel used for right angle stacking must be widened.

2. Method of upper and lower overlap This method is often used when the lighter pallets are high and the maximum lift height of the forklift is insufficient. On the ground to the shuttle truck Shelf code into two layers, and then from below the shuttle truck shelf lift.
The disadvantage of this method is that the palletizing cargo is unstable and therefore not suitable for handling operations and can be dedicated to palletizing operations.

3, the method of the side This method is suitable for shuttle racks with small loading and unloading widths. To facilitate the simultaneous fork of the two plastic shuttle rack, the forklift usually has four fork teeth. Using this method, as long as the prior attention to the two shuttle truck shelves neatly tied, later operation is more convenient.