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The way the shuttle rack is stored
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Shuttle rack system is a complete high density storage system composed of shuttle rack, shuttle rack and forklift. This efficient storage method brings a new choice for improving warehouse space utilization.

High density storage of shuttle rack, high warehouse utilization rate, high efficiency of work, shuttle rack greatly reduce the waiting time. Shuttle rack flexible operation, access to goods can be first - in - first out, also can be after - out. The safety of shuttle car racks is good, reducing collision of shuttle car racks and improving safety productivity.

Shuttle car racks to store goods
1. Shuttle rack inventory: the shuttle rack is placed by the forklift truck at the front end of the tunnel guide rail of the shuttle rack
2. Pick up goods from the rack of shuttle car: WAP shuttles move the tray deep in the rack of shuttle car to the front end of the rack of shuttle car, and use forklift to remove the pallet goods from the rack of shuttle car;
3. Shuttle rack shuttle: through forklifts, shuttle trolley can be placed in different lanes, and multiple lanes can share one shuttle car. The number of shuttle is determined by the depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the quantity of shipment, the frequency of shipment and other comprehensive factors.

Basic information of shuttle car shelves
1. Truck rack load: 1000~1200kg
2. Running speed of shuttle rack: no load: 0.7-0.9m/s
3. Operating speed of the rack of shuttle car: 0.6-0.8m/s full load
4. Power unit of shuttle rack: lithium manganese battery
5. Rated voltage of shuttle rack: 26 volts
6. Battery life of the shuttle rack: over 8 hours
7. Sensor range of shuttle rack: remote sensor range of 50/ m

Applicable scope of shuttle car shelves
1. Large quantity of shuttle car shelves: food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco and other single varieties, relatively single item of shuttle car shelves.
2. Refrigerated storage of shuttle car racks: reduce low-temperature working time of shuttle car racks, improve work efficiency and safety.
3. Time limit management of shuttle car racks: shuttle car racks have strict requirements on the batch of goods, requiring the first-in, first-out operation management warehouse.
4. Increase storage capacity of shuttle rack: the storage space of shuttle rack is limited, and the warehouse needs to make maximum use of space.