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Precautions for using plastic shuttle racks at low temperatures
- Sep 07, 2018 -

For customers who want to use plastic shuttle racks in low temperature environments, including some shuttle racks used in cold storage, please be sure to choose high-density polyethylene as a material, because polyethylene low temperature resistance is much better than polypropylene, usually can withstand -40℃ around.

The following is used to introduce, in the winter shuttle car shelf use and maintenance methods:

1, strictly prohibit shuttle car shelves in the open-air wind, try to let it in the indoor use.

2, for the winter, the product toughness will fall, easy to brittle, the operation should be lightly handled, it is strictly forbidden to throw random littering.

3, prohibit the plastic shuttle truck shelves from the high place, it is forbidden to drop the goods from the high place on the shuttle truck shelves. So in the winter time need to pay attention to the above requirements, so as to ensure the normal life of the shuttle truck shelves.