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Introduction to the structure of shuttle rack
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1. Shuttle rack system
The frame system of shuttle car rack is mainly composed of frame, driving device and decorative cover. The frame body is the main body of bearing other parts, which is mainly welded by the shape of steel. The drive device mainly consists of driving shaft, driving wheel and motor. The high technology polyurethane material is used in the running wheel of the driving device, which not only improves the wear resistance of the wheel, but also greatly reduces the friction between the wheel and the running wheel, which can extend the service life of the wheel. In addition, the rack body of shuttle car can be designed into a double body according to the overall process flow requirement, so as to adapt to the demand of double station and improve the overall transportation capacity.

2. Shuttle rack conveyor device
The rack conveying device of shuttle car is the material conveying part, which is installed on the car body. The frame is made of steel. According to the form of materials, the rack of shuttle car can choose the form of roller conveyance, chain conveyance, belt conveyance and other conveyance. At the same time, it can be designed into a double conveyance device according to the overall process flow to meet the demand of double station conveyance, which can greatly improve the overall conveying capacity.

3. Address recognition device for shuttle car shelves
The shelf-recognition device of shuttle car is the positioning signal device of the station of shuttle car. There are many ways of addressing device, such as link type, synchronous belt type, friction wheel type encoding addressing, laser addressing, bar addressing and so on. The accuracy and reliability of the positioning device of the shuttle rack directly affects the positioning accuracy and operation stability of the shuttle. Therefore, it is necessary to choose different addressing modes according to the operation capacity requirements and investment costs of the equipment.

4. Shuttle rack rail system
The rack guide system of shuttle car is composed of the guide part and stop device. There are two types of guide rail: purchased light rail and special aluminum profile. Both the shuttle rack and the shuttle rack are equipped with stops, including buffers and supports. The shuttle rack is installed at both ends of the track to prevent the shuttle from getting out of the track accidentally. The track type is selected according to the operation capacity requirements and investment cost of the equipment.

5. Electrical device for shuttle rack
The electrical device of shuttle rack is composed of PLC, frequency conversion driver, photoelectric switch, encoder, bar code identifier, etc. Different walking speeds are configured with different electronic control modes. Currently, the common walking speed of 180m/min reciprocating shuttle is controlled by double closed loop control of speed and displacement. Power supply mode mainly consists of three modes: flexible cable power supply, sliding contact power supply and no contact power supply.