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Introduction to the Shuttle rack system
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The Shuttle rack system is one of the high density storage racking systems. Shuttle Rack Cold Storage Shelves is a kind of shuttle truck shelves. We use the cold storage dedicated shelves are basically shuttle truck rack system. Independently charged shuttle equipment, you can use a radio remote to carry the pallet cargo and run on the rails. Shuttle truck Shelves Deep cargo, shuttle can be exercised to the bottom of the pallet, shuttle truck shelves will be pallets of goods from the rack rails, and the pallet cargo to the front of the shelves, forklift trucks can access the goods from the rails. The shuttle truck rack can also carry the shuttle from the rails to the rails on other shelves. Usually, the shuttle truck shelves a forklift can correspond to all the shuttle, but need to cooperate with the roadway length, roadway number, shelf height and so on. Shuttle Truck Racking system is and long-term large quantity of goods stored in a small variety. The average usage rate of the shuttle truck shelves is 90%.