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Introduction to the electric part of the shuttle bus rack
- Sep 07, 2018 -

① Shuttle Truck Rack stand-alone control system
The shuttle truck shelves conveying and walking are controlled by frequency conversion control slow stop, to ease the impact of cargo handling, to prevent the cargo in the process of removal of the collapse; with the interface of the platform with a transfer device, so that the transition smoothly, to prevent the cargo in the process of removal.

② Shuttle Carrier Shelf Encoder Identification method positioning The Shuttle Rack Encoder simplifies speed control and stop position control.
With the access control, the maintainability of the system is greatly improved, and the number of carts and platforms in the system is very simple.

③ shuttle bus Rack Walking device
Shuttle Rack The inverter controls the acceleration or deceleration of the trolley to prevent the goods from falling from the car, using an internal microprocessor to achieve optimal speed control (acceleration and deceleration) and queueing mode stop.

④ Shuttle Truck Rack Rail power supply system
The shuttle rack is powered by a safety slip contact or contactless energy transfer.

⑤ Shuttle Truck Rack Rail communication system
Shuttle racks based on the track communication system can display in real-time each shuttle's operating status (loading/unloading, shuttle location), shuttle truck racks for each shuttle sent to the handling request to optimize the task allocation, reliable operation, signal is not easy to lose.

⑥ Computer dispatching management system of shuttle truck Rack
The shuttle truck rack adopts the computer dispatching management system, and the task assignment is more reasonable and optimized.

⑦ Shuttle rack can be operated using remote control mode Shuttle truck shelves When the shuttle is switched to local mode using the remote control, the shuttle is no longer controlled by the host computer. At this point, the shuttle can only be operated using the remote control. In this state, the shuttle can complete multi-stage forward, backward, delivery and pickup operations.