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Introduction to the advantages of the shuttle rack
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Features of shuttle car shelves
1. There is no need for shuttle rack forklifts to enter the roadway, which saves operation time and improves the safety of personnel and cargo;
2. The storage efficiency of goods in the rack warehouse of shuttle cars has been greatly improved
3. Make full use of the storage space on the rack of shuttle cars. About 80%~85% of the space can be utilized in the storage room;
4. The rack of shuttle car is suitable for different types of products, which can be stratified and flexibly accessed.
5. Compared with the entering rack, the traversing rack has a stable structure and higher safety factor
6. The rack of shuttle car can realize first in first out and last out;
7. The rack of shuttle car can be sorted and checked automatically

Advantages of shuttle car shelves
1. Independent research and development of shuttle car shelves;
2. Unique design of shuttle car shelves;
3. Stable performance of shuttle car shelves;
4. High safety and low maintenance rate of shuttle car shelves