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How to buy high-quality automatic stereoscopic Warehouse
- Sep 07, 2018 -

How can you buy a quality automated warehouse? Here are a few tips.

Above all, before buying automatic stereo storehouse, look first oneself commodity sort and size, quantity and quality. If the goods are lighter, light Angle steel frame is adopted. This automatic three-dimensional warehouse can store more carton products. Secondly, attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse, and do not overload the automatic three-dimensional warehouse. If it is to store small items or parts, it should choose double floor pavilion automatic storage. If it is to store electronic products, paper or other heavy items, it should choose heavy automatic storage. Third, if it is a supermarket or exhibition used in the display of automatic three-dimensional warehouses, it is not appropriate to show overweight products. If used for storage of scattered products, we should choose Angle steel automatic three-dimensional warehouse, Angle steel automatic three-dimensional warehouse easy to find, price discount. If it is to store boxes or larger products, we should choose medium automatic three-dimensional warehouse, heavy automatic three-dimensional warehouse is simple in structure and convenient for manual access. If it is a large number of products or pallet storage, the appropriate choice of heavy automatic three-dimensional warehouse.