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1) More higher technical capacity
●  TDRII-A shuttle speed: V_empty 1.5m/s, V_full 1.0m/s. Global lead
●  TDRII-B shuttle carrying capacity: 1.5T ; Global lead
●  TDRII-T shuttle carrying capacity: 2T ; Global lead
●  Efficiency: about 1.5~2 times faster than other counterparts.
●  Rapidity and stability: realize both rapidity and stability.

2) More higher compatibility and stability
●  Suitable for different warehouse: Normal temperature, low temperature, cool and corrosion warehouse;
●  Suitable for different pallets: Wooden pallet, plastic pallet, steel pallet, thin edge pallet, dark pallet, and incomplete pallet etc.
compatible with big and small pallets.

Steel pallet
Wooden pallet
Plastic pallet

●  System is anti-interference designed. Detection signal adopts special detecting mode, and instantaneous interference signal is shielded;
●  Imported customized remote control is adopted, which is stable and reliable and has far transmission distance, high IP class ;
●  German laser detection is adopted, which is not affected by environment and has accurate and reliable detection.
●  Lithium battery is safe and reliable and has long lifetime.
●  Japan bearing, joint bearing with military quality, high-grade screw and special mounting technology to ensure not loose for long time.
●  Guide wheel has locking mechanism, which does not need to be adjusted for three years;
●  Each process considers all possibilities to ensure that order can be executed in any case.

3) More Intelligence
●  Intelligent in-stock design: Cargo on the in-stock end can be recognized within one meter no matter where cargo locates or what status shuttle is, And also can recognitize the crush of cargo;
●  Intelligent out-stock design: Out-stock has two modes, first when no cargo is detected on out-stock end the OUT can be executed, but in another mode out-stock is one by one successively. During out-stock, location can be automatically regulated if inaccurate pallet location is found. Cargo out-stock with designated quantity can be realized, and the quantity still can be kept in case of power failure;
●  Intelligent shifting-stock design: Two kinds of shifting-stock functions such as FIFO and FILO can be realized by remote control. When shifting-stock action is interrupted, one button to continue shifting-stock;
●  COUNT function: TDRII-B has COUNT function, which is real-time indicated by remote control. It is convenient to count up product quantity in each laneway and continuous count is supported.
●  Parameter standardization design: Various parameters are set up by remote control to match various applications so that such applications become more flexible.
●  More convenient operation: customized remote control, Chinese or English operation panel, status prompt and alarm prompt in English make operation simplified.
●  Swift maintenance: Operator can acquire status and alarm message of shuttle in English through remote control, and get trouble eliminating method by looking up maintenance manual or contact manufacturer for solution.

4) More higher safety
●  Self-inspection function of component: Once component has fault or damage, equipment can make self-inspection and send alarm prompt.
●  Collision protection: Equipment is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensor to timely send alarm for emergent stop in case of obstacle, which can play a role of collision protection and shield the false alarm for forklift detected on the end of shuttle carrier;
●  Light cargo falling prevention: Use hardware and software two kinds of protection to ensure the crago not falling.
●  Forced running function: Once dust affects laser detection, equipment can be moved to the end through forced running function, which does not need rescue vehicle.
●  All low temperature design: By means of low temperature resistance design with moisture proof function and without heating device, system can normally work under low temperature of -25℃and reliability like normal temperature shuttle.
●  Feed protection function: When low battery, radio shuttle executes the current action, then return to HOME position for alarm. No more accept instructions;
●  Laser is equipped with protective board: to avoid laser damage or angle deviation due to mis-operation by forklift operator.